Animated Gospel Cartoon

In 2010 Living Waters produced this animated version of the cartoon tract, starring the voice of Kirk Cameron.

Unlike the printed version (which is copyright-free), Living Waters owns all copyright to this animated film. However, they have generously made it available in multiple formats and translations. You can watch it on YouTube in English as well as several languages with subtitles. You can also download a free HD version in English. If you’d like to create an audio dub in your language you can even download an HD version with music and sound effects only (no dialogue), including a copy of the script for easier translation.

Watch on YouTubeDownload HDWatch SubtitledDownload for Dubs

If you’d like to help Living Waters create a subtitled version in your language please email mail-at-livingwaters-dot-com and use the subject line “100languages_Offer_to_Help”.

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